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Occasionally I work for an amazing photography Agency in Dubai called 'Seeing Things' and I get some pretty cool jobs through them. One of the recent ones was a stop motion for Mamas and Papas Middle East. For a Stop motion with Mamas & Papas we had to use...

  I had the pleasure to work with the Sony middle east team last week to showcase some of their new products, the new  Sony A6300 camera body and some G Master lenses with the A7RII. I was given 2 days to use these new products...

I met Arwa who set up The Odd Piece over 4 years ago, both our children have been in the same class since FS1 and have the youngest have become best buddies. Arwa asked me to come by and look at shooting her products at The Odd Piece a while ago when it was in Jumeirah but the space was cramped and not easy to shoot in. Now the Odd Piece has moved to Alkersal Ave and they have lots of space to accommodate a photoshoot of their products.

I was contacted by Ashleigh from 'Ink in Water' recently on their visit to Dubai from Australia, the company is a fabulous new concept providing sun safe swimwear and surfer for ladies, men and kids that look gorgeous as well as practical. http://inkinwater.com.au Sydney-based designer Ashleigh Nicholls has ‘taken surf wear out of the dark ages’ and designed truly unique, beautiful yet functional fashion for surfers, sailboarders and water sports lovers worldwide. I shot this whole shoot on my 50mm canon f1.4 or the 24-105mm f4, some fill flash and a gold reflector. Hope you like the shots as much as I do!

I was asked recently to do some shots for a personal trainer who is trying to expand her services, I thought she also needed some images that let her personality shine through as she is super friendly and easy to get get on with.

Its been a while since I got to shoot some sport, I was invited along to The Sevens by a client who needed me to shoot some of their branding and while there I couldn't help myself  to get out my 70-200mm canon new baby. Im not really into rugby but I totally enjoyed shooting these men and women at The Sevens, the strength int their bodies was outstanding!

Super-quick and easy, this healthy guacamole recipe is delicious with fajitas, quesadillas, dolloped into a wrap or served as a snack with crunchy veggies 

Who doesn't love a good dip! My favourite dips are always spicy and if its a mexican theme then all the better! home made guacamole is so easy to make and so much better for you than jars bought at the supermarket. Try it at home its sooooo easy!

Dark Chocolate Brownies with Rasberries

Who doesn't love a good brownie!? Especially when they are moist and gooey, this recipe certainly is just that! They’re devilishly rich, undeniably dense, sweet, tart and would love a glass of milk to wash them down with, or even a cup of tea, YUM! If you love rasberries and dark chocolate as much as me then this diet busting recipe is for you.