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We are a married couple offering wedding videography across the UK and beyond.

We document weddings in rustic barns, on the beach, elegant manor houses and places of worship.

We aim to capture the essence of the day in an unobtrusive, creative way.

We are based in Harpenden in Hertfordshire, but will travel all over the UK and abroad. Most of our clients are  based in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Essex although were always happy to travel further.

We shoot edit everything ourselves, nothing is sent off to a third party.  Sometimes  in the busy wedding season this may mean your film or photographs takes a little longer to deliver but we feel its worth having that personal touch.

Paul Shrigley
louise shrigley
wedding photographer Hertfordshire

Do we travel?

We are based in Harpenden in Hertfordshire but will travel all over the UK and abroad.

We charge a small travel expense beyond a 1.5hr drive for an overnight stay as its very difficult to drive a long way after filming a wedding for 10-12 hrs!


Mostly this charge is around £100 depending on the location and availability in the area of the wedding.

Can we meet up before the wedding day?

Of course! We prefer to meet our clients before they book us so they can get a feel of who they are booking for their day.

However this is not always possible due to location etc so FaceTime and Skype are great alternatives.

We offer pre-wedding shoots at a small cost when booking with us so you can get a feel of working with us too!

Louise Shrigley Wedding Films Hertfordshire UK
wedding videographer Hertfordshire

How do we book?

Once we have met or chatted on Skype or FaceTime we can arrange a booking form for you to fill in all the basics of the day.

Following that, there will be a contract for you to check and sign electronically.

A 25% deposit is required to secure your date with us, with the remainder 1 week before the wedding.

What happens on the day?

We like to start with your bridal and groom prep. to capture the day as it unfolds – this is a very important part of the film or photography to later share with your other half.
It’s is not always easy to capture the groom if he is getting ready in a separate location when using just one videographer, we always recommend having an extra videographer if the bride and groom are in separate locations during the prep.

We then head over to the ceremony location where we would set up our cameras and sound equipment and capture the details of the venue when possible. We film the whole ceremony with at least 2 cameras to get different angles and perspectives. After the ceremony, when the couple photography happens, as videographers we like to document this and hopefully create some cinematic shots to compliment your film.

Your dance will be captured again by at least 2 cameras and we like to make sure we film enough of your gusts dancing and having fun before we finish.

We try to be as discreet as possible during your day especially during emotional moments, we won’t ask you to repeat any key moments and let your day unfold as it should do, so you and your loved ones can enjoy the day and not feel overwhelmed by us.

wedding videographer Hertfordshire
Louise Shrigley Wedding Films Hertfordshire UK

Do you capture sound of the day?

We feel sound is a very important part of your day, whether its your ceremony, the speeches or even kind and funny words spoken during the preparations. We like to integrate these words into your film along with background music.

We use a mix of lapel mics (on the groom- not on THE DRESS!), external mics mounted on the cameras and sound recorders either plugged into the PA system or placed within the room to capture speeches, readings etc.

What equipment do you use?

We use Sony as our main brand of cameras and lenses, our main camera are the Sony A7RII, Sony A6500 and the Sony A6300.

We have a range of prime lenses and zoom lenses along with sliders, gimbals. Our drone is a DJI -Inspire 2 with a X5S camera. All these gadgets enable us to capture  you in a cinematic way.

We film all weddings in 4K and downsize in post production to create crisp detailed footage , some clients like to have the 4K films as they are already on the 4K platforms  with their TV’s etc. 4K films are future proof – well for the time being!

Sound is recorded all day using mics mounted on cameras and external mics for recording readings, the speeches etc. Lapel mics are used for the groom to capture the ceremony and we plug into the PA system if we can to capture any mics that are used in the venue.

We think sound is very important in telling your story and using these amazing tools we aim to deliver your unique story in all its glory.

Wedding videographer Harpenden, St Albans Hertfordshire
Wedding photographer Hertfordshire

What happens afterwards?

After the excitement of your big day we get started on backing up all of your footage on our server. This back up is a RAID system providing the backbone of our films. Then the magic happens where we craft your footage using our editing software.

We try to get you a sneaky peak as soon as we can so you can relive and share a moment with friends and family.

Going through footage from several cameras is very time consuming, we like to pick out the bet bits to show off your films to the best we possibly can. We usually share the highlights film within 3-4 weeks, and then if you have a full film 6-10 weeks after the wedding day depending on the season.

Films will be shared as an online Vimeo link where you can download them and then delivered on a USB if you come an add on extra of the customised USB.

How many videographers do I need?

We film all our weddings with 2 videographers to get the best coverage and cinematic shots to make your film more special.

It helps having 2 people when the Bride and groom prep. are not in the same location. When filming it’s nice to have the extra person to make creative shots using the drone or slider, thus improving the film quality immensely.

If you have a large wedding its always good to have 2 videographers, so one can capture the guests and family while the other concentrates on the couple.

wedding video Hertfordshire Bedfordshire Cambridgeshire essex
Wedding photographer Harpenden St Albans Hertfordshire

Whats your style?

We like to be as unobtrusive and creative as possible with a documentary approach to capture your day as it unfolds.

We always strive to bring your own personalities come though in the film and photography and aim to create films and photographs as individual as possible. We don’t like pose you much but rather let natural moments happen when we document the couple portrait session after the ceremony.

We like to let colour be real – no fussy filters just real simple with a little of the light and airy side videography.

Why do I need a videographer?

Photographs say a million words but video can show you that emotion and capture this memories in all their glory to cherish always.

We have some of the best modern equipment available to film weddings and we have the experience and knowledge to compliment this to produce your wedding video thats 100% better than your uncle filming it on their camcorder.

wedding video hertfordshire
wedding films hertfordshire

Do we choose the music for our films?

We prefer to use licensed music on our wedding films as this will be in line with Copyright laws UK & worldwide.  We have a subscription to a very good quality licensed music supplier, we choose tracks we think will compliment your wedding and offer a selection if needs be.

We appreciate our client may wish to use commercial music for their films and were happy to discuss options for you.

What happens if the weather is bad and I want drone footage?

Our in house licensed drone operator Paul is able to fly in good weather, if the weather turns wet or windy (even snow) he cant fly.

If it is bad weather on the wedding day we will try our best to coordinate with the venue to capture the location in all its glory on a date after the wedding (if within 30 mins drive Harpenden). This is not always possible due to locations and our shooting schedule.
This obviously wouldn’t include the wedding party or a flight during your portrait session, but it will add an amazing cinematic feel for your wedding film.

Flying drone and lavender field
Wedding Videography Hertfordshire

Are you legal to fly drones?

We are fully approved and fully insured to fly our drones. Its a skill to operate and safety is a must.
CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) approved

Drone filming adds a whole extra level of production value and there’s no better way to show off your wedding venue!

Hertfordshire Wedding Package Information | Louise Shrigley